1. First Sunday in Advent
  2. Second Sunday in Advent
  3. Third Sunday in Advent
  4. Fourth Sunday in Advent
  5. Christmas Eve
  6. Christmas Day
  7. Saint Stephen
  8. Saint John the Evangelist
  9. The Innocents
  10. First Sunday after Christmas Day
  11. The Circumcision
  12. Second Sunday after Christmas Day
  13. The Epiphany
  14. First Sunday after the Epiphany
  15. or The Baptism of Jesus
  16. Second Sunday after the Epiphany
  17. Third Sunday after the Epiphany
  18. Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany
  19. Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany
  20. Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany
  21. The Third Sunday before Lent (The Sunday called Septuagesima)
  22. The Second Sunday before Lent (The Sunday called Sexagesima)
  23. The Sunday next before Lent (The Sunday called Quinquagesima)
  24. The First Day of Lent ( commonly called Ash Wednesday)
  25. The First Sunday in Lent
  26. The Second Sunday in Lent
  27. The Third Sunday in Lent
  28. The Fourth Sunday in Lent
  29. The Fifth Sunday in Lent (Passion Sunday)
  30. Lazarus Saturday
  31. The Sunday next before Easter (Palm Sunday)
  32. Monday before Easter
  33. Tuesday before Easter
  34. Wednesday before Easter
  35. Thursday before Easter
  36. Good Friday
  37. Easter Even
  38. Easter Day
  39. Monday in Easter Week
  40. Tuesday in Easter Week
  41. The First Sunday after Easter
  42. or Thomas Sunday
  43. The Second Sunday after Easter
  44. The Third Sunday after Easter
  45. The Fourth Sunday after Easter
  46. The Fifth Sunday after Easter
  47. The Ascension Day
  48. Sunday after Ascension Day
  49. Whitsunday (Pentecost)
  50. Monday in Whitsun Week
  51. Tuesday in Whitsun Week
  52. Trinity Sunday
  53. The First Sunday after Trinity
  54. The Second Sunday after Trinity
  55. The Third Sunday after Trinity
  56. The Fourth Sunday after Trinity
  57. The Fifth Sunday after Trinity
  58. The Sixth Sunday after Trinity
  59. The Seventh Sunday after Trinity
  60. The Eighth Sunday after Trinity
  61. The Ninth Sunday after Trinity
  62. The Tenth Sunday after Trinity
  63. The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity
  64. The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity
  65. The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity
  66. The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity
  67. The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity
  68. The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity
  69. The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity
  70. The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity
  71. The Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity
  72. The Twentieth Sunday after Trinity
  73. The Twenty-First Sunday after Trinity
  74. The Twenty-Second Sunday after Trinity
  75. The Twenty-Third Sunday after Trinity
  76. The Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Trinity
  77. The Sunday next before Advent (The Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Trinity)
  78. Saint Andrew
  79. Saint Thomas
  80. The Confession of Saint Peter
  81. The Conversion of Saint Paul
  82. The Presentation
  83. Saint Matthias
  84. Saint Joseph
  85. The Annunciation
  86. Saint Mark
  87. Saint Philip and Saint James the Less
  88. The Visitation
  89. Saint Barnabas
  90. The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
  91. Saint Peter (and Saint Paul)
  92. Saint Mary Magdalene
  93. Saint James the Greater
  94. The Transfiguration
  95. The Blessed Virgin Mary
  96. Saint Bartholomew
  97. The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist
  98. The Holy Cross
  99. Saint Matthew
  100. The Conception of Saint John the Baptist
  101. Holy Michael and All Angels
  102. Saint Luke
  103. Saint James of Jerusalem
  104. Saint Simon and Saint Jude
  105. All Saints