Beginning on December 29, 2020, this site posts daily lessons according to the following plan:

(1) The Sunday Lessons and other Movable Holy Days primarily according to the historic One-Year Lectionary;

(2) Morning and Evening Psalms, with the entire Psalter covered five times annually on a 73-day cycle;

(3) A daily morning lesson and a daily evening lesson from the Old Testament (excluding the Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes), covering the entire Old Testament once annually;

(4) A daily morning lesson from the Gospels, covering the entire Gospels once annually;

(4) A daily evening lesson from the New Testament, Proverbs, or Ecclesiastes, covering those books in their entirety once annually;

(5) Lessons for Fixed-Date Holy Days are included in the normal daily lesson schedule. Otherwise, each book is scheduled to be read lectio continua.

Each post includes two options:

(1) Lessons from the Psalms, the first lesson (from the Old Testament), a daily Gospel lesson (usually in the morning), and a lesson from either the remainder of the New Testament, Proverbs, or Ecclesiastes.

(2) A link to Morning or Evening Prayer for that day, which includes the same lessons as appointed in (1).

The editor intends to add readings from books which are not part of the Protestant canon (the Apocrypha), many of which are part of the Catholic canon (Deuterocanon) and more of which are part of the Eastern Orthodox and/or Oriental Orthodox canon (see Wikipedia’s page for the Biblical canon). These books will be covered in their entirety once annually.

This schedule of lessons is an attempt to combine the benefits of a Daily Office Lectionary (which typically is arranged around the Christian Year, but does not typically cover all of Scripture) with the benefits of reading plans which cover all of Scripture, but are not arranged around the Christian Year, and frequently do not provide daily lessons from the Gospels and Psalms.

Links are provided to the text and YouTube videos from the Coverdale Psalter from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. Links to BibleGateway are appointed for the other lessons without a version tag, so that users can select the translation they prefer. The editor is also including images of art work relevant to the Sunday and Holy Day lessons.

This site is currently under construction, so that some elements may be missing initially. This caveat will be removed when site construction is completed.


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