Lazarus at the rich man’s gate
Fyodor Bronnikov
Illustration, Source unknown
Public Domain

Complete New Testament & Wisdom and Daily RCL

Sun25-Sep-22N. Test.Proper 21 [26] – C
Mon26-Sep-22Eph 5Reflection on Sunday
Tue27-Sep-22Eph 6Reflection on Sunday
Wed28-Sep-22John 1Reflection on Sunday
Thu29-Sep-22John 2Preparation for Sunday
Fri30-Sep-22John 3Preparation for Sunday
Sat1-Oct-22John 4Preparation for Sunday

Complete Psalms, Old Testament, and Apocrypha

Sun25-Sep-22Psalm 50Isa 62Readings
Mon26-Sep-22Psalm 51Isa 63Readings
Tue27-Sep-22Psalm 52Isa 64Readings
Wed28-Sep-22Psalm 53Isa 65Readings
Thu29-Sep-22Psalm 54Isa 66MICHAEL & ALL ANGELS
Fri30-Sep-22Psalm 55Ezek 1Readings
Sat1-Oct-22Psalm 56Ezek 2Readings


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