The Tower of Babel
Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria
Public Domain

Complete New Testament & Wisdom and Daily RCL

Sun4-Sep-22N. Test.Proper 18 [23] – C
Mon5-Sep-22Rom 9Reflection on Sunday
Tue6-Sep-22Rom 10Reflection on Sunday
Wed7-Sep-22Rom 11Reflection on Sunday
Thu8-Sep-22Rom 12Preparation for Sunday
Fri9-Sep-22Rom 13Preparation for Sunday
Sat10-Sep-22Rom 14Preparation for Sunday

Complete Psalms, Old Testament, and Apocrypha

Sun4-Sep-22Psalm 28Isa 41Readings
Mon5-Sep-22Psalm 29Isa 42Readings
Tue6-Sep-22Psalm 30Isa 43Readings
Wed7-Sep-22Psalm 31Isa 44Readings
Thu8-Sep-22Psalm 32Isa 45Readings
Fri9-Sep-22Psalm 33Isa 46Readings
Sat10-Sep-22Psalm 34Isa 47Readings


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