The Good Samaritan
Jacob (Jacques) Jordaens
circa 1616
Louvre Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Public Domain

Complete New Testament & Wisdom and Daily RCL

Sun10-Jul-22N. Test.Proper 10 [15] – C
Mon11-Jul-22Luke 13Reflection on Sunday
Tue12-Jul-22Luke 14Reflection on Sunday
Wed13-Jul-22Luke 15Reflection on Sunday
Thu14-Jul-22Luke 16Preparation for Sunday
Fri15-Jul-22Luke 17Preparation for Sunday
Sat16-Jul-22Luke 18Preparation for Sunday

Complete Psalms, Old Testament, and Apocrypha

Sun10-Jul-22Psalm 119:1-32Job 27Readings
Mon11-Jul-22Psalm 119:33-72Job 28Readings
Tue12-Jul-22Psalm 119:73-104Job 29Readings
Wed13-Jul-22Psalm 119:105-144Job 30Readings
Thu14-Jul-22Psalm 119:145-176Job 31Readings
Fri15-Jul-22Psalm 120-121Job 32Readings
Sat16-Jul-22Psalm 122-123Job 33Readings


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