Depiction of Pentecost
Duccio di Buoninsegna
Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, Siena, Italy
Public Domain

New Testament or Wisdom and Daily RCL

Sun5-Jun-22N.T. & Wis.Day of Pentecost – C
Mon6-Jun-22Song 5Reflection on Sunday
Tue7-Jun-22Song 6Reflection on Sunday
Wed8-Jun-22Song 7Reflection on Sunday
Thu9-Jun-22Song 8Preparation for Sunday
Fri10-Jun-221 Peter 1Preparation for Sunday
Sat11-Jun-221 Peter 2Preparation for Sunday

Complete Psalms, Old Testament, and Apocrypha

Sun5-Jun-22Psalm 842 Chr 28Readings
Mon6-Jun-22Psalm 852 Chr 29Readings
Tue7-Jun-22Psalm 862 Chr 30Readings
Wed8-Jun-22Psalm 872 Chr 31Readings
Thu9-Jun-22Psalm 882 Chr 32Readings
Fri10-Jun-22Psalm 892 Chr 33Prayer of Manasseh
Sat11-Jun-22Psalm 902 Chr 34BARNABAS, APOSTLE


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