Entry into Jerusalem
Pietro Lorenzetti
Early 14th century
Basilica of Saint Francis, Assisi, Italy
Public Domain

New Testament or Wisdom and Daily RCL

Sun10-Apr-22Liturgy of the Palms – CLiturgy of the Passion – C
Mon11-Apr-22Mark 11:1-19Monday of Holy Week
Tue12-Apr-22Mark 11:20-13:37Tuesday of Holy Week
Wed13-Apr-22Mark 14:1-11Wednesday of Holy Week
Thu14-Apr-22Mark 14:12-72Maundy Thursday
Fri15-Apr-22Mark 15Good Friday
Sat16-Apr-22Mark 16Holy Saturday

Complete Psalms, Old Testament, and Apocrypha

Sun10-Apr-22Psalm 271 Chr 1Readings
Mon11-Apr-22Psalm 281 Chr 2Readings
Tue12-Apr-22Psalm 291 Chr 3Readings
Wed13-Apr-22Psalm 301 Chr 4Readings
Thu14-Apr-22Psalm 311 Chr 5Readings
Fri15-Apr-22Psalm 321 Chr 6Readings
Sat16-Apr-22Psalm 331 Chr 7Readings


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