Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness
Hieronymus Bosch
about 1489
Lázaro Galdiano Museum, Madrid, Spain
Public Domain

Second Sunday of Advent – Year C

Daily Readings for the Revised Common Lectionary
Lessons for FEASTS (see below) may be substituted for Daily Readings

The Complete Bible in Three Years

Year2021FEASTSPsalmsOT – CNT
Sun5-DecADVENT 2
Mon6-DecNicholas of MyraPs 139Prov 19Rev 13
Tue7-DecAmbrose of MilanPs 140Prov 20Rev 14
Wed8-DecPss 141-142Prov 21Rev 15
Thu9-DecPs 143Prov 22Rev 16
Fri10-DecPs 144Prov 23Rev 17
Sat11-DecSong of Judith2 Mac 5-6Antiquities 103


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