Head of Christ
16th century
Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C., US
Public Domain
Day2021Year B1st Psalm2nd PsalmYear 2
Sun31-OctProper 26Ps 92Ps 93Ant
Mon1-NovAll SaintsPs 94Ps 95Prov 9
Tue2-Nov1 Cor 13Ps 96Ps 97Prov 10
Wed3-Nov1 Cor 14Ps 98Ps 99Prov 11
Thu4-Nov1 Cor 15Ps 100Ps 101Prov 12
Fri5-Nov1 Cor 16Ps 102Ps 103Prov 13
Sat6-Nov2 Cor 1Ps 104Ps 105Apocrypha

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