Saint James and Saint John, sons of Zebedee
Pilgrimage Museum, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Public Domain
Day2021Year B1st Psalm2nd PsalmYear 2
Sun17-OctProper 24Ps 64Ps 65Ant
Mon18-OctSaint LukePs 66Ps 67Job 41
Tue19-Oct1 Cor 4Ps 68Ps 69Job 42
Wed20-Oct1 Cor 5Ps 70Ps 71Prov 1
Thu21-Oct1 Cor 6Ps 72Ps 73Prov 2
Fri22-Oct1 Cor 7Ps 74Ps 75Prov 3
Sat23-OctSaint James of JerusalemPs 76Ps 77Apocrypha

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One-Year Lectionary Lessons (1662 BCP)

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