Week of the Sunday nearest July 13

Day1st Psalm2nd PsalmYear BNT
SunPs 104Ps 105RCL1662 Lectionary
MonPs 106Ps 107Lam 4 Matt 11
TuePs 108Ps 109Lam 5 Matt 12
WedPs 110Ps 111Dan 1 Matt 13
ThuPs 112Ps 113Dan 2 Matt 14
FriPs 114Ps 115Dan 3 Matt 15
SatPss 116-117Ps 118Pr of AzariahS Mary Magdalene observed
  • Daily Readings from the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL)
  • Weekly Readings from Flavius Josephus, The Antiquities of the Jews, 10.10.1-10.10.5

Explanation on How to Use this Schedule