Feeding the multitude
Daniel of Uranc
Public Domain

The Complete Bible in Two Years ©

Odd YearsPsalmsPsalmsOld TestamentOptional ReadingsNT & Wisdom
SundayPs 9Ps 10Exod 28AJ 3.6.3Sunday
MondayPs 11Ps 12Exod 29Wis 18:20-25Rom 4
TuesdayPs 13Ps 14Exod 30AJ 3.6.4Rom 5
WednesdayPs 15Ps 16Exod 31Wis 19:1-5Rom 6
ThursdayPs 17Ps 18Exod 32AJ 3.6.5-6Rom 7
FridayPs 19Ps 20Exod 33Wis 19:6-12Rom 8
SaturdayPs 21Ps 22Exod 34AJ 3.6.7-8Eccl 12

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Friday, March 19, 2021Saint Joseph of Nazareth

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